Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sunday Morning

Welcome all,

After the heady rush associated with my discovery of value investing and a maniacal devouring of material on the topic, I have created this blog as a place for me to more purposefully organise my ideas and thoughts. Without this first post becoming a missive, I should also say that I intend for this blog to be a forum in which I can distill concisely for my reader any thoughts or learning I should like to share on the topic. Having said that, fear not, for this post has been put together in too much of a rush and going forward posts shall be neither so hastily assembled nor so rambling in nature.

Finally, I look forward to diving deeper into the world of value investing and am hopeful that my efforts might aid others and provide them with some inspiration for their own surfing of the value investing wave.


The Jumping Marlin.

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